Monday, December 17, 2012

Whats Been Goin On?

Here's a quick glimpse into whats been happenin' around the Dunaway Casa...
J&I decided to have a random fancy dinner mid-week last week... I dont know why we always wait til the weekends?!
I have been diligently working on the birthday girls (JoJo, Heather & Me!) costume accessories for this weekends Santa Party.
Look who's baaaack?!
The Elf (That still has no name) came back with reindeer beer & a movie!; He turned the milk red!; He pretended to be J (Beer, Remote and sunflower seeds); Hiding in a drinking glass; TP'd the tree!
I got to visit the babes
Jolie Grace

Parker Jane
J&I went to six flags (just like our first date - Awww)
We celebrated this guy's 30th birthday with brunch at Whiskey Cake - we cannot wait for Baby Jacob to make his appearance sometime in the next 2 weeks!
I continue to unsuccessfully bake - no real shocker there...
Today, I am off to Chicago for a one night quick trip... I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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