Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I mean, seriously. so.OBSESSED.
Every time my phone goes off, I secretly hope its another picture of the babes... I am so in love. So, so!
Remember when they looked like this?
After 2 days they already looked like this!
I mean, I'm sorry little ladies... growing at this speed is not allowed.. I can promise you that your momma and daddy will agree!
But I sure did love visiting you again..
&& for obvious reasons cant wait to blow this picture up for my office... and maybe make it my FB profile picture... ((Dont judge me, I self admitted to being obsessed - thats what good fake aunties do, dont you know?!))
The sweet babes and their momma went home yesterday
I may or may not have photos of these cuties in their car seats, but their momma hasnt shared, so I wont ruin the fun, but I can assure the cuteness gets even cuter, if possible.
Counting down the days til Friday when I see these babes again... and I guess their parents, they are alright too... But in the meantime, dont you all worry... I dont have the baby fever, I just have the pretend auntie fever... :)

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