Monday, April 11, 2016

Grayson Daniel: 9 Months

Where has 2016 gone? I still cant understand how its April, let alone how my baby is now 9 months old. Insanity, I tell ya.

I am out of town for G's official 9 month, so no crazy mom pics with his sticker until I get home on the 12th. The suspense.. I know!

Estimated Measurements
(Our 9 month visit is the 12th, so accurate measurements forthcoming)
height: 28.75"
weight: 26-ish

eat: This boy can eat. School always tells me what a great eater he is. His pincer grab has been perfected. Where before there would be a lot of food in his chair when dinner was over, now its rare for him to drop anything, and if he does, he finds it. He is in a great routine of meat, vegetable and fruit at lunch and dinner. He snacks twice a day at school and is still drinking 30 ounces of milk (5 six ounce bottles)

sleep: G is a sleeping champ. Since moving to the big kid side of the infant room at school, he has started napping for 1.5 - 2 hours a day. He is still sleeping great at night about 7pm - 7am. There are some mornings he wakes earlier and other mornings that we have to wake him for the day! He has also started sleeping on his belly some, but there doesn't seem to be a clear preference on how he likes to sleep. The boy can sleep anywhere still, which I am so thankful for when we have busy weekends!

play: G is still his happy go lucky self - books, bath time, singing, music still on the top of his charts. G is rolling all over and "inch-bugging" all over. As soon as he realizes his arms will help him out he will be moving like lightening. He's able to move across a room without a problem, it just takes a long time and a lot of effort. When I am traveling J will put me on the other side of the room and G will make his way over to the phone. Its hilarious and oh so sweet that he wants his mama that badly :) He has started to play peek a boo by hiding behind a blanket or towel. He finds himself hilarious - check out my insta video for a good giggle

  • FOUR top teeth broke this month, at the same time. what a cruel world
  • Says Mama on repeat
  • We think he says "dog" and "Layla" but maybe its a parent thing
  • Shakes his head no
  • Loves to undo his diaper
  • Mickey Mouse and Octonauts are his favorites
  • His blocks, and stackable donuts are his favorite toys
  • Still likes his paci, but doesn't use it nearly as much as he used to
  • Reaches for me (or a few others)
  • Separation Anxiety has set in. He gets over it quickly, but there are tears involved
  • Had his first sleepover with Honey and Dude
  • Loves to go on walks

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