Wednesday, April 27, 2016

G's First Sleepover: Honey + Dude

J&I have been lucky enough to be so close to sweet Parks & Jo (Baker girl too - but the twins have been like our own kiddos pre G) Its so awesome to have friends who are family that you can dump your kid(s) on without feeling bad about it. The girls, G & all subsequent kids have no idea how much love is between our two families & all the fun times that will be had.

While Mama & Daddy were partying it up as if it were pre-baby times at Uncle Poppy's wedding, G was spending quality time - and his first sleepover EVER - with  Honey, Uncle Dude & 3 Ladies. Lucky kiddo if you ask me!

Amber sent me the sweetest pics throughout the weekend (I'm so late to post and if you follow Amber, sorry for the repeat!)

We get the girls (ALL THREE) in just a few weeks. J&I will be experimenting with life with four babes. FOUR. I am sure it will be fun, hectic, crazy and we will laugh A LOT... and I am sure a few tears here and there, but we will all survive... Right?!

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  1. really, how sweet it is to have friends who are family! such a great blessing!


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