Friday, April 15, 2016

Lets Eat: 9 Months

Here we are chugging along in month 9... a lot has changed, yet again, this month.

The biggest change of all is that G has decided to no longer nurse. I have so many different emotions about it all, but deep in my heart I know that this change could not have happened any more naturally than it did.

TMI - however, I got my first period since October 2014, and it took a severe hit on my supply. Couple that with my brother's wedding weekend and me heading out of town for the Masters, it was natural for this to happen. My supply hasn't come back since, and G hasn't been bothered to nurse. I was so, so sad at first. I wasn't prepared for it to happen. I felt like I didn't savor the last time we nursed. It all happened so quickly. But when I think about it now, the last time I nursed him was special, and I didn't even know it. It was Easter Sunday at my parents, G was sleepy and nursed for just a minute or two and fell asleep. I held him snuggling for a bit before I brought him out to lay him down. I'll never forget it.

But with this big change, there is a lot of "new" for us.

6:30 am/7:30 am: Wake, 4-6ounce bottle, get ready for school
9:00 am: Snack (puffs, fruit, or wafer cookie) & 6 ounce bottle
11:00 am: Lunch (meat, vegetable & fruit) & 6 ounce bottle
3:00 pm: Snack (puffs, fruit or wafer cookie) & 6 ounce bottle
6:30 pm: Dinner (meat/eggs/fruit/vegetable/yogurt)
7:15 pm: 1-4 ounces of bottle

Night time routine has changed significantly. He's such a big boy now - he feeds himself the bottle and when he is full will sit up, hand me the bottle, reach for his paci and hug me. Cue the waterworks, yall. I kiss him, tell him good night and lay him down while he is wide awake. And we don't hear a peep from him until morning. HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED?!

At G's 9 month appointment, Dr Pass told us that even up to 30 ounces of milk a day is still ok for him, although from the morning and evening bottles this week it seems like he is getting less, which is also fine.

I am pumping in the morning only right now. And I am getting 4-6 ounces. Such a far cry from  what my supply used to be. However, that built up supply that I've had in the deep freezer is now making sense. We should be able to feed G man through May with that supply and maybe even longer depending on if he keeps the smaller amounts in the morning and evening bottles. If I cant stretch the supply until G is one, then I will need to supplement with formula. Which is totally fine, but I truly dont even know where to start with that, but I guess we cross that bridge when we get there.

G is eating everything and anything. The only off limits items according to Dr Pass is shrimp and nuts. School continuously tells us what a great eater he is. We are super fortunate.

Would love any easy recipes for babes, or for families that babes can enjoy. Share - please!

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