Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Grayson Daniel: 2 years

When I wrote G's 18 month update, I thought we had hit the peak of "fun" in the parent department, but then came 18 - 24 months. And I think this has been even better. Will I annoyingly think 24 - 30 months is the "best yet" come January? If it means that we are having so much fun with our sweet boy, that's ok to me!

Height: 36 inches (90th%)
Weight: 30.8 pounds (80th%)

Gray continues to be sweet natured, sensitive at times, yet rough and crazy in other times. He is so curious, and is quite the talker. We get a play by play of the day and often things are repeated many, many times. Watching him process new things is truly remarkable and something both J&I love to see with him. Its so rewarding as a parent to see your baby learn and growing into a smart little boy. He loves to help. Bring a paci to Carter, sweep, help with laundry. I feel like his memory is abnormally good. Which makes for reminiscing with him so fun. He will lean over for a hug or a sugar out of no where. He will play with my hair while sitting with me or if I am carrying him. He truly is the sweetest and so full of love.

Gray knows and recognizes his numbers, counts to ten and sometimes to 20 pending on his mood. He loves to sing songs (that include taking bows when he is done), do puzzles, play matching games, he recognizes letters, and is obsessed with gloves (sock hands, hand puppets, etc) Reading books continues to be a favorite. G is able to speak full sentences most of the time. There are still times that we aren't quite sure what he is saying but I would say 95% of the time we fully understand him.

This summer he has really embraced the water. He is loving swimming, splash pads and running through the sprinkler at home.

He loves all sports. Soccer, football, baseball, but he has recently become obsessed with golf. Which Daddy is embracing with open arms. He is so obsessed with being outside. He has a new balance bike, scooter  and jeep to keep him outside as well. So fun for all of us!

Becoming a big brother was so exciting for G. It came with some resistance, but he has adjusted so well and loves on Carter multiple times a day. He holds him daily, they bathe together and share lots of hugs and kisses. I cant wait to watch their relationship continue to grow over time.

eat & sleep. Every month when I fill out G's baby book, the sleep and eat category is quite boring. He is a great eater. He continues to eat his veggies like a good little boy :) He is taking 2 hour naps at school and is still sleeping about 10 - 12 hours at night.

We have just decided to push bedtime from 7pm to 8pm this past week. Several weeks ago we went to the lake house with Supper Club and since we have gotten back G has been having nightmares (maybe?) nonetheless he wakes in the middle of the night crying at the gate upstairs 2-3 times a week and at bedtime most nights we were receiving resistance to get in bed, which we had never experienced before. When we let him go to bed a bit later he doesn't fight it, so we will see how this works over the next few weeks to see if we will keep this schedule when school starts (he moves to the 2s class mid-August that will be more curriculum based).

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