Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Weekend Things

Everyone else is super excited that their work week is already halfway over, and I am over here like "It should be Monday". Spoken like a true lady on maternity leave.

This weekend was a great one, but after 4 days of J and Grayson being home - Carter and I are a little off schedule. Life with a newbie isn't always easy when you want to go, go, go, as evidence by the state of our home right now. It's disgusting, but I digress.

We had a lot of family time this weekend - with our new family of four, our extended families and our bestests (which are just as much family to us).

Every morning we got up and walked to the park. Feels great in the mornings before that Texas heat starts to beat down on us.

And there was a lot of snuggling - this kids jowls cheeks are no joke! Although his arms might fight his cheeks for all the heavy cream at every feeding.

Sunday we went to my  in-laws to celebrate with BBQ and swimming. It was a relaxing day, and Gray is LOVING the pool and swimming this year. We got to spend time with Justin, Jordan and Hayes before Miss Poppy makes her arrival this Friday! We cant wait to meet you sweet girl!

This kid and gloves yall... oh man

These are as good as they get... I will just leave it at that.

To celebrate the 4th, Honey, Uncle Dude + Crew came out to our neck of the woods. It was hot. And humid. Mostly humid, but the kids still had fun and I always love this company.

I hope yall had a blessed and happy 4th! Here's to getting back on schedule, before I ruin it all over again this weekend.

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