Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Stomp. Chomp. RAWR! Grayson's 2nd Birthday

Grayson's Dino Dig: Perot Museum of Nature and Science

I had an elaborate party idea for G's 2nd birthday. I wanted him to know, just because he just acquired a brother didn't mean that I cheaped out on his party. Then I was 7 months pregnant and realized, there was no way I could pull it off the way I would want to (and people would expect me to) with a 5 week old baby. So that theme, is shelved for another time and I got realistic.

G loves dinosaurs and I was in need of a venue - what better place than the Perot Museum?! The museum made it super easy to plan and cater.

D├ęcor was minimal and played off of the invitation.

The kiddos got to participate in a few activities - coloring pages, making binoculars, a dino dig and a volcano experiment. It kept the littles entertained before pizza arrived and it was cake time.

I so wish I had someone video Gray being sang to. It was the best. I hope I remember his sweet giggle forever. He was so happy. It was precious.

After cake, everyone was free to roam the museum - which is fantastic by the way. If you are in DFW and haven't been yet, you should definitely take some time and go!

Gray didn't want to stop for a family photo - the "Woooooow Big Dinoaurs!" were way cooler.

Although having a party at a venue is not my typical preference, this was perfect, easy and the made the birthday boy incredibly happy. What more could we ask for?!

Happy birthday Gray!


  1. Love this. We are having a dino party for my two year old as well. Where did you get your decor? And those big dinos on the table? Love those! So cute!!


    1. All the printables were custom made by CKFireboots on Etsy - she could definitely recreate for you and customize if you want different colors! Balloons are from cheersnco on Etsy and the Dino banner is from kpdigitalcreations on etsy!

      The Dinos are the museums �� They were awesome! If you find them you'll have to tell me where!

  2. Soooo perfect! Great job, as always!

  3. I'm planning a dino party for my 3 year old and ran across your blog. Your party was perfect-love the decorations, party favors, etc. Where did you get your cake? I love how it matches the invitation. And those party favor bags - too cute!!


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