Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NYE '12

this year J&I decided to ring in the New Year together... just us. However; we certainly were not missing out on the delish food of New Years, nor the yum drinks.

I have found sooooo many recipes on Pinterest in the past months, that our meal was much inspired by the website, but ZERO disappointments - and thats pretty huge on our extensive menu...

Saturday morning, J made me the "Breakfast of Champions" - Waffles, OJ & Beer.... cant beat that right???? And my Aggies beat Northwestern that morning... goooooood way to start my new year!

Then there were apps:

Bruschetta... a family recipe I will share at a later date... if youre lucky! ;) Stuffed Shrimp, Toasted Ravioli, Asparagus App....

Main course you ask????

We had Green Beans, Pesto Twice Baked Potatoes (also my own brain child) and overly delicious oscar steak..

I also made Raspberry Cheesecake Bites...

A delicious evening to say the least... & also a fab night with my honey...

Happy New Year from the Dunaways (Boogs included!)!

Now onto bigger things.... New Year Resolutions.... lets discuss my 2011 resolutions..... ((BIG FAILS!!!!))

*Write more handwritten notes/letters/cards... snail mail is such an awesome surprise Semi Sorta Fail on my part - 2012? I will dominate!
*Like everyone else in the world, I want to get healthier.. I wont say I want to lose weight, blah blah blah, but I do want to watch what I am eating, how much I am drinking and make sure I am working out just to be healthy. J&I are talking baby 2013.... maybe, maybe not. but i would like to be the healthiest I can be prior to it happening.... game on?
*I want to take J to Chicago this year. I l.o.v.e. that city, and I want him to see why. i'll be honest. With our current travel schedule for 2012, this goal with a grave heart will probably be postponed.... unless Nick & Tina decide to get married ;) No Rush or anything!!!
*I want to be financially smart this year... post wedding of course. Lets all be honest: financially smart and weddings are oxy-morons Financially smart should be a goal year in and year out. But defi after the year of the wedding. all debt? erased in 2012. We can DO IT!
*I want to do vounteer work. Yes, somehow in my ridiculously hectic schedule, I can find more time to give to underprivelaged children. Its my passion and I miss it. ugh - my heart aches for this. i WILL do better this year.
*I want to master my job. I am getting there. Always room for improvement.
*I want to learn to be a good wife and great at everything that marriage entails. I'd love to say that I am the BEST WIFE EVERRRRR, but I know that wouldn't be true... I will continue to be a better spouse through 2012

2011 seems to be a year that I did not accomplish a lot according to my resolutions... but all in all that would be a lie. Although I will not add to my resolutions this year, I truly hope to accomplish my resolutions much better this year...

Happy New Year to all - what will 2012 bring????

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