Monday, January 30, 2012


As I was reminded this weekend by Mrs. Massey, I have been neglecting my blog.. So here are some updates on where I have been.. and some of my favorite things at the moment...

At the beginning of the month I was in Scottsdale.. Cant beat the view.. except that when I took this photo was the only time I saw the view in daylight.

Then it was off to Baltimore a few days later.. where they had just gotten their first snow the day prior.

The Harbor is beautiful.

But the hotel creepily encourages you to use binoculars to stalk people outside?

I had an event at the National Aquarium - so a photo op was necessary!

I am home, safe and sound for a few days then I am off to my favorite town

I got home and started working on my second "job" (& my most favorite, by the way).. Helping Miss Jenna B plan her wedding!

We have a date set, a venue booked, a dress almost picked, a color scheme, and a budget started. WHEW! She's been a busy lady this month - and all the fun stuff starts now - the deets! Loving it. Every.single.part. Thinking about taking some courses in wedding planning - may make me better to help my friends! If anyone has taken courses, design courses, really anything, let me know - I would love to chat about it!

We hosted Supper Club this weekend - Italian evening... here's a sneak peak of my tablescape.. More will be posted via Chocolate Broccoli this week, so be sure to tune in over there!

We tried this new beer this weekend... J is a fan. I dont think it tastes any different than regular Bud Light, but what do I know?

Loving my Party Ideas board on Pinterst... its fab!

Can I have this?

Or this?

Can I get this tutorial?

Thats about all I got for ya this week... Happy Monday!


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