Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This weekend we celebrated Kate's 28th birthday ~ she and 2 of her friends (Kristin & Kelsey - whom I ADORE) came up for the weekend. They arrived Friday afternoon and not a moment later we popped the bubbly in celebration.

Every celebration deserves a little decoration:

Thanks JoJo for helping with the banner!

We intended on a lazy Friday, cooking in and movies - it was fabulous. Saturday we went to the nail salon, where Kelsey made fast friends and everyone in the salon that was there to relax, was annoyed by our continuous laughter - it was amazing. Saturday night we had planned on going out to dinner and bar hopping/dancing... buuuuuuut we ended up back on the couch with more movies and pizzas. Definitely not complaining - I saw more movies in 2 days than I have seen in 2 years - kid you not (One Day, Kings Speech, March of Ides, Crazy Stupid Love, Friends with Benefits)

And my sweet husband tolerated 4 screaming, laughing girls for 2 FULL days - he's such a trooper!

Sunday, we headed to Grapevine where we ate lunch - Weinberger's Deli ... I am pretty sure I have raved about this place before on our blog, but truly this is the ONLY place I can get my Chicago fix - beef sammies, gyros, hot dogs, ruebens... selections are endless. And dont forget the root beer. Cant have Chicago styled food without the root beer..... already ready to go back!

And then we met the Tapellas and Cabreras for the Grapevine Wine Trail!

With everyone's schedules, we opted for this as our February Supper Club, but we were missing the Masseys.... which is why I only have 3 pictures from the entire day! We needed you Miss Amber!

It was a great day with a ton of laughs... and for the record, my feet still hurt!

Monday I spent the entire day with Nana - she is doing so great. Still aches and pains, but she is looking fabulous and is up and  moving. It was so fun to just chat with her and hang out... J&I will need to spend some time over there this week/weekend!

Lots of love this week - Happy Valentines Day!


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