Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So Sorry

I have been completely failing at this whole blog thing.. I was on such a roll at the end of last year, but then, well.. work happen and life happen... So here we go on getting back into the groove of things:

Everyone knows our love of pizza. We eat it all the time - homemade, mini pizzas, Dominos.. I will try any new pizza place.. (yummm this is making me want pizza, rather than the taco salad my husband has convinced me to make tonight...) Anywho, last Friday, J&I tried a new lunch spot by our offices Pie Five Pizza. I must say I was a bit skeptical - fast food pizza? They guarantee your pizza in 5 minutes or less.. and it was really good! I highly suggest trying it - we will defi be visiting again soon!

I just realized that where I was actually going with the whole pizza story was not actually about the pizza, but really about the fact that J&I went out to lunch (geez, can we say ADHD?! Or maybe just an obsession with Pizza.. either way, sorry for deriving from my story) At lunch they had on sportscenter. Typical place, typical TV, but then I looked up to see the Top 10 Michael Jordan Top 10 Buzzer Beaters ::swoon:: Immediately J realized I wasnt listening any more and he looks up and starts laughing. We both start talking about what the number 1 will be; J chose the game against the Utah Jazz where MJ jumps with a fist pump. I personally selected the MJ against Utah Jazz (years later) where he stands with his hand in his follow through pose... (of course I was physically doing this in the resturant as we argued about it..)


I loved every moment of schooling my husband in this trivia - although unfair, as you all know, it still was awesome. And dont think I wasnt bragging like a 13 year old boy, because I was... while holding my arm in the signature pose... dont judge me!

See my pizza story was awesome, but the real story was even better!

What else do I have for you guys... Oh! As you read last week, I had some girls in town for Kate's Birthday. Well Miss Kelsey is probably the most mannered guest I have every had - I LOVE snail-mail!

Friday night we got our favs together (Heather& Steven, Jenna&Philip) and had dinner and drinks.

I had a rough afternoon Friday and we didnt eat until late... so explains the rest of the evening:

When you wake up the next day and ask your husband if we had Dance Party after looking at your camera with zero recollection.. you look like this.

And all of your BIG plans for Saturday, dont happen.

Dear Ashley,

You are no longer 23. You should not consume vodka like you are. Especially since you do not drink nearly like you did back then.

With Love,
Your Smarter, Wiser, Self

Sunday was family day. Lunch with Bob& Marianne. Afternoon spent with this lady (who is doing amazing!) and Dins with Scott&Deb.

Thats about all I have at the moment.. but so happy to be home and to be normal. Yesterday was the first time I have gotten to meal plan in at least a month (yes, for some of you this is a chore, for me its a hobby). Hope to have some yummy recipe to share!

Have a great week!


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