Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Likings This Week

Well here are my random likings... errrr lovings at the moment that I thought were worth sharing with you all...

J&I will FOR ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY be having a date night like this... but not star gazing but drive-in-ing (if there is such a word). There is a drive in outside of Dallas on the other side, and we.are.doing.it. PERIOD.

Perfect gifty for the hubs? I agree

UGH.... Do yall remember this post? I have been **almost** reinspired to get my shred on... her posts crack me up... they are all so true... you almost DIE doing this video anyone interested in doing it with me/keeping me accountable?!

How amazing is this? Not exactly necessary; however handy?

I love this kitchen. Thats all!

Trees!!! Whats not to love?

Who wants to start this book club with me?????

Obsessed with these. must.have.at.party.soon.

These are sooooo our eggs for this year!

Been LUH-VING planning Miss JB & P's engagement party with the girls... I cant share too much but just think the below.... ooooooooweeeee :)

Can yall believe we have almost been married a year??? Planning our anniversary weekend... looking forward to every minute of it!

This dress is fantastic!

We are not close to baby time; but whenever that day does come, can I have one of these???? Please & thanks!

I mean thats really it for my lovings this week - Happy Tuesday peeps!

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  1. I have one of those herb grinders. It is necessary. :)


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