Saturday, March 31, 2012

H-Town Recap

Well, this post is quite overdue.. who's surprised?!
Zaky has been living in Houston for about a year now, and the awesome sister that I am I had visited zero times. Big sister fail!

So we set a date a few months ago and I was hellbent on sticking with it.

So March 16th J&I headed out to H-Town to visit Zaky & Chara. (Love that she is so close now, too!)

I have re-confirmed that I am not a "road-tripper" kind of person. I have tried it multiple times, but that 3 hours is my maximum car riding experience.

Nonetheless... we made it! And I got a picture of the infamous plant... if you dont remember - you can catch up here.

We had some beers with Zak, Chara got off of work, (J tried on her hat - think I should get him one for his birthday?)

and we headed over to Miss Kelley's 

Then on to the rodeo. In all 14 years I have lived in Texas, I never made it to the Houston Rodeo, so we took advantage of the opportunity. Train was headlining that night, so we all know that J-Man was overly excited.

So excited in fact, we are all "blesssed" with his air guitar skills...

Once the "Hey Soul Sisters" and "Marry Mes" were through, we headed out to the carnival

and to an after-party-ish tent with more live music - I would insert a group photo here... but someone has not sent it to me yet ::Cough, Kelley Anne Strout, Cough!::

St. Patty's day we were lazy bums - it was amazing. Not that I wouldnt have loved to be with our friends out on Greenville & at the girls party, but the way we spent it was perfect. After we finally convinced each other to get up we got cleaned up & headed out in Zak's area.

We went out to Max's Wine Dive for a late dinner. It was so delish and a really cool atmosphere.

We had Bubbly, Fried Oysters (my first time ever! & J even ate one! They were yumm!), Fried Chicken with Honey, and Lobster Pot Pie

I am absolutely positive that you could have rolled me out of there I was so full, but it was so so good! I am happy to report, Dallas will be getting one of these soon in West Village - who wants to go on a date?!

These two were great hosts - we had such a good time with them! (pardon the darkness of the photo.. i had to turn the flash off after I got the stare down from other patrons)

We walked over to a bar nearby afterwards to join all of the St. Patty's Day drunkies - one thing was very apparent, we were waaay behind on the drinking brigade. We had some drinks and some laughs - I failed at the photo taking thing. Buuuut I wont completely disappoint - I did get this video....

While out Debs sent me this... Spoiled much? And can we talk about how she slept in bed with them?? Good Lord, our children will be rotten when we pick them up from both sets of grandparents.

We headed home on Sunday... it was great to see them and definitely way late on our part - but I cant wait to go back!!!!


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