Monday, March 12, 2012

Missing Me?

Yet again I am behind on posting... but I will catch you up quickly, and we can resume our friendship as usual...

What's been going on? Well... I went on program at the Gaylord Texan Friday March 2nd and life was absolutely crazy. My "view" was a little different than what I am used to, but it was kind of fun to people watch from my balcony.

Although my week provided many, many, many, many ups and downs.. there were some pluses that are worth sharing:
  • I walked about 20 miles a day; therefore I think I lost some weight, which is opposite of what usually happens - and I am hoping that it will make me work out on a normal basis - it felt good!
  • There was time for a photo op with my roomie
  • I got to bond with some favorites
  • I finally got to let loose and play with our random lost & found items

Although this week was quite the challenge, I definitely grew in my position at DFF and learned a lot!

What was J doing while I was working my botty off, you ask?? Well... I am sure he watching catching up on Z's and enjoying a quiet house... He also murdered my sweet cooking buddy, Leon.

Rest in Peace sweet friend...

I got home Friday afternoon, and that night we headed out to the Cabrera's for Supper Club.. As always, we had wonderful company, lots of laughs and delish food! I'll steal pictures from Mrs. Massey when she posts, but here is one of sweet Landon & I to tie you over

Everyone keeps teasing when its our turn, but I will continue to offer my babysitting services before we are getting one of our own :)

Have yall seen Parks and Recreation - "Treat yo'self"? If not, please enjoy the below:

From now on when I get off program, I am having a "Treat Yo Self" Day. Saturday, I went an got a massage and a meni/pedi... it was phenomenal.

Sunday - I headed to lunch with Heather, Jenna and Raquel then off to Alfred Angelo for Bridesmaid Dress Fitting! I failed at taking pics, even though I specifically brought my camera to document. But it was good to see some of this girls, since I havent seen anyone in FOREVER!

Thats about all I got... Here's to a good week, friends!


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  1. I MISS YOU!! So glad I got to see your face Friday- looking quite beautiful even though you worked like a mad woman this week.

    How sad about Leon!! :( :(

    Don't worry.. my desk mate is ACTUALLY Lou number 2 ;)


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