Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Ramblings

Oh Thursday - you couldn't come soon enough! You see, this Thursday is my Friday, and this weekend we get to go visit Poopy & Chara... & well, I really need a fun weekend after last week!

Here are random things from this week, I thought were worth sharing...

1. Meet Zwei. In German it means two. As in, my second beta, since my husband decided to kill sweet Leon.

2. Do you ever find yourself driving without the radio? I seem to do this more often than I used to. I assume that this is because my life is somewhat out of control at times. Its like the only time where its quiet and I can just think and enjoy the peace and quiet?

3. The iPhone Debate - Do I leave the comfort of my Blackberry world? At last week's program I had an attendee make fun of my phone... I have already been thinking about the "big switch" but now I have been pushed a little further to wanting to get one... Is it worth it??? Ohhhh by the time you read this I may already be a proud owner of one of these suckers!

4. There has been no new TV for the past 2 weeks... this is completely unacceptable. When I come home from a program, I fully expect a day's worth of DVR to catch up on - its my excuse to be lazy! Although our usual TV hasnt been new - Dance Moms has not disappointed... I love this hot mess of a TV show!

5. I joined J's office's March Madness Bracket Tournament - GO KENTUCKY!!!!!

6. Do you ever find yourself wishing you were on a beach vacation with no email access? This has been my every other thought for about 2 weeks. Care to join me?

7. My sweet friend, Kasey, is having her sweet baby girl, Harper Quinn, on Friday. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a safe and quick delivery! We cannot wait to meet Miss Harper!

8. Have you ever watched Ice Loves Coco? Like I said earlier, TV has been slim and it just so happen to come on after Khloe & Lamar (another guilty pleasure of mine).. but I loved this quote oh so much, I had to share... "My aunt used to make me eat this vegetable not meant for human consumption called okra. It's slimy, it has fur on it, and she wouldnt let me go out until I finished the okra. So I'd throw it out the window across the street and say 'I'm ready to go out now!' and she'd say 'Well, did you finish that okra?'" - fist bump, Ice T, FIST.BUMP. I could not have descibed this awful vegetable better myself.

9. Did you know that giraffes are all the rage? Sweet Landon has a Sophie (and apparently a million other kiddos do too)

so I decided Boog needed her own "Sophie" but hers is cooler... it has a purple mohawk!!!!

Thats all I got - Have a great weekend peeps!


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  1. AND- I bet Sophie with the purple hair isn't $20!! LOVE!


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