Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Grayson Daniel: 10 Months

TEN months. Like, Whoa!

Estimated Measurements
height: 30+ inches
weight: 24.4 lbs

eat: G is still a great eater. I feel like this will never change, but I will say he has gotten pickier. Before he would eat anything and everything you put on his tray, but now he will spit out and drop things he doesn't feel like eating. There isn't any consistency in what he doesn't like/ Monday he will eat zucchini but on Wednesday, not so much. It isn't a problem at home, since I can give  him anything else we have, but for school it is much more difficult since I only send so much at a time.  Fruit, veggies, meat all on the menu. Plum brand seems to be a fav - the snacks, pouches, meatballs, etc that we use are made by them. G loves em! He likes to feed himself his bottles these days. So hand him the boppy and a bottle - he's good to go.

sleep: G is still sleeping 12+ hours a night. Our routine of eat, bath, bottle, bed hasn't changed over the past month and G continues to have great naps at school 1.5 - 2 hours. Weekends he snoozes in the car if we are out but wants to be in on the action if we are with friends or shopping. I don't really see him cat nap other than in the car. He is moving all over his crib like a crazy person at night. Flipping from belly to back all night long. Still doesn't seems to have a preference, but just moves around until he is comfy. He also figured out that he could pull himself up on the crib, so we have lowered it down to the floor. G still wears a sleep sack for every nap and night. We had to move up to larges since he is getting so tall. As we approached 10 months, he seems to be a bit clingier than in the past, so along with clingy comes snuggly, and this Mama doesn't mind! Hes been napping on me over the last week or so, and I love every minute of it.

play: All the same favorites as last month, bath time, books, music, j's guitar, blocks, his Little Einstein guitar. along with some new favorites: Fischer Price Zoo, Bright Beats Smart Touch (now that he pulls up and stands at it, it is much more popular in his book), large lego Jeep & Dump Truck, and his Tickle Monster Book. In just the past few days G has gone from being a professional inchbug/penguin crawler to getting on his hands and knees to crawl. Although, sometimes he reverts to the inchbug way, which is just fine. He is getting around like a maniac and I am learning where all the places that aren't babyproofed are located. Or things that are babyproofed, that aren't working (this morning he pulled out one of the safety plugs -- cringe!) He has been doing his own baby yoga - downward dog mostly while trying to figure out how to stand up - haha! Before we know it he will be up on his feet.

  • Understands the word and concept of "No"
  • G continues to be an overall happy baby. He cries/whines when tired and hungry. Or when overwhelmed (ie: lots of kiddos in his face - sometimes he does fine and other times he just isn't into it)
  • He is developing a little spitfire attitude (no clue where that comes from) I will tell him no, he will grunt back at me or look right at me and do whatever it was again. He's going to give me some trouble, that is already obvious
  • Loves playing "Where's Grayson" and peek-a-boo
  • Loves to play rough. The rougher the better. If I am bouncing him, the crazier I bounce him, the harder he laughs
  • Has started blowing kisses
  • Obeys some commands - "Give Mama the paci" "Drink your milk" This of course is on a selective basis. Read above for "spitfire attitude"
  • Is very sweet. Loves to give sugars and hugs
  • Has been clingy. Even if J has him and I walk into the room, he reaches for his Mama.
  • Clearly says, Dada, Mom, Mama, dog and Layla. Starting to say ba or baba for wanting milk. We are working on ball and identifying where his eyes, nose, ears and mouth are.
  • Loves to play Ring Around the Rosy
  • His drooling has kick started again, which means more teeth are around the corner... because the 8 he has right now, just aren't enough
  • At night when he is done with drinking his bottle, he will sit up, hand me the bottle, take his paci and hug me as if to say good night - now put me in my crib lady. We put him down awake every night and he is out within minutes, no fuss.

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