Thursday, May 12, 2016

Let's Eat: 10 Months

2 months until I officially say my baby isn't a baby anymore. Insane.

Grayson is so much fun in general and I will say the stage we are in right now is by far my favorite so far. He's so with it, curious and happy. I have really enjoyed his love for food and willingness to try anything. I briefly touched on his preferences for foods in his 10 month update, but he definitely is starting to decide what he likes, or what he likes more than other things. I used to put everything I had fixed on his tray at one time, but now I place things that I know he likes, but maybe wouldn't be his favorite item in the meal on his tray first and then add the more "likeable" items as we go. And don't even think about pulling the yogurt out before he's had a chance to eat everything else, because it will be game over until that yogurt is all.gone.

6:30 am/7:30 am: Wake, 4ounce bottle,
banana/Plum mish mosh breakfast pouch, get ready for school
9:00 am: Snack (puffs, fruit, or wafer cookie) & 6 ounce bottle
11:00 am: Lunch (meat, vegetable & fruit) & 6 ounce bottle
3:00 pm: Snack (puffs, fruit or wafer cookie) & 6 ounce bottle
6:00pm/6:30 pm: Dinner (meat/eggs/fruit/vegetable/yogurt)
6:45 pm/7:15 pm: 1-4 ounces of bottle

The schedule hasn't changed much. We have taken the morning and evening bottles down to 4 ounces each. On the weekends he seems to not eat all (3) 6ounce bottles, so I may defrost less than that over the weekends to continue to stretch out my supply. This past weekend we did utilize formula for the first time. Since the frozen breastmilk is only good for 24 hours, we were unable to bring enough for the weekend. I purchased Plum Organics formula and he took it without any issues and once we got home gave him the breastmilk and he went right back to it without a problem. He makes life easy, yall.

Every Sunday I grocery shop and spend part of the day preparing G's food for the week. Although we give him a lot of whatever we are eating, especially when we go out to eat, I still make certain things specially for him. It makes it easier to do so since I have to send food to school for lunches as well, but I do try to give him new foods as well as oldies that we know he likes. Generally I cook a marinated chicken breast, cube and steam fruit and vegetables, sometimes cook pasta, and then any random recipes I want to try.

For school I send 3-4 small containers - 1 of veggie burger/different meats, 1 of vegetables (several options), 1 of fruit (several options) and sometimes I will send one of plain pasta noodles with parm cheese. I also frequently send homemade pouches with a mix of a fruit or veg and some oatmeal, bananas, avocados or the mini wholly guacamole packs. I also send teething crackers, puffs, yogurt melts and other toddler snack items in bulk every few weeks. I feel like I buy a ton of different snack items, but I would hate for him to get stuck in a rut or not experience new foods and flavors.

As always, I am scouring the internet for new food ideas for him, so if you have good ones, please share!

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