Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Weekend Things

This past weekend was an extra long one for us. One of my very best friends from growing up got married, so we headed up to Chicago on Thursday to see family and enjoy the festivities.

I wont lie, I was scared to fly with G this go around. He's mobile these days, not quite a snoozy as he used to be, a lot more vocal, and he was so good last time, it left a lot for him to live up to. Luckily this Mama was prepared: Snacks, Milk, books, iPad loaded with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and my Bose Headphones, done and done. It always feels good when everyone compliments you and your baby when you land.

Our first stop was Portillo's, per usual. One of maybe two trips we took there in four days. G had his first hot dog (don't judge!) and some itlian beef. It never disappoints. Ever.

That night we visited with my cousins and aunt & uncle. G had a blast meeting all of his extended family.

Friday we lounged around the hotel all morning before going on a little tour of my childhood. J wanted to see where I grew up so we drove around town while G napped.

The old house I grew up in... its changed quite a bit, but I will say the grey update makes it look much better.

That night we hung out with my other aunt,uncle and cousin. I did a terrible job documenting our time with them! Saturday we stopped by my grandparents house who have now both passed away and took some pictures of G on the front step and in the booth that we grew up in (dad and me).

Saturday Night we were off to Scott and Kim's wedding. It was a perfect day & a beautiful wedding! There was some down time between the ceremony and the reception, so we pre-gammed with my family & G

Sunday morning we had breakfast with the fam and headed off to the airport. G was an angel baby and slept the whole trip home and let both Mama and Daddy sleep too. ::insert praise emoji here::

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