Monday, August 6, 2012

2 Amazing Things

2 amazing things happened this weekend - & I am going to jump right in..

Friday night was our August Supper Club - yes, so close to our July one; however with good reason!

The Cabreras found out the sex of their baby last Wednesday, and clearly 2 days was plenty long to wait to find out!

J&I dressed in out predictions....

Jordan was Team Boy too! We found out through the inside icing of a tres leche cake... yummo!

Its a BOY!!!!!!We cannot wait to meet Baby Boy Cabrera!

Saturday marked day 8th of the Olympics, & our 3rd Beer Olympics!

The Teams, The Rules...

The Games...

1. Bags Tournament
2. Beer Pong Tournament
3. Deb-Archery
4. Home Run Derby
5. Down N Dixie

 The Peeps....

The Winners:

1st - Jamaica; Andrew & Raquel
2nd - Thailand; James & Brittney
3rd - Mexico; Justin & Jordan



Groups Shot!

Happy Monday yall! Have a great week

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