Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet-a-versary/Weekend Lowdown

Well... I meant to blog Sunday night... and Monday night... and now, it's Tuesday night.. and I am finally doing it. Sooo your getting a combo post today.

First things first - today is J&I's "Meet-a-versary" - now in unison "AWWWWW"

Here is a picture from when we first started hanging out :)

Now.. on to this past weekend.

My reason for skipping Sunday AND Monday...

You too?????

I mean, I just cant stop watching. And while I watch my whole body is tense until the competition is over. out.of.control.

Friday we were super low key with an italian feast and the Opening Ceremony.

I wont lie... slightly bizarre London, but I certainly loved "Hey Jude"

Saturday after allllll day of watching the Olympics we headed out for Branden's 30th birthday celebration. Such a fun night!

Sunday was full of early errands, naps and more Olympics...



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  1. Looks like ya'll had a fun, fun weekend! Glad it was for you, xo.


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