Friday, August 3, 2012

High Five for Friday


Linking up, as usual, with Lauren at From My Grey Desk.

1. I was a #goodwife and went to support my hubs play softball & be "snack mom" and bring the boys gatorade & sunflower seeds.

Proof I made it:

Me & my hunny, Me&MySissy have a special LOVE for pickles, & Me&MySissy lovin our men
2. Even though I went to softball, I still got my 'Tuesday Alone Time'. I went to the game on Monday (a makeup game), so I still got my Tuesday. I got my nails done, bought some new work out clothes, blogger & watched the USA girls gymnastics kick some serious booty!

Also on Tuesday I was matchy matchy with one of my co-workers Alyssa... figured it was too cute not to share!

3. USA! USA!

I know that I am definitely not the only one obessessing over the Olympics... but there have been some great moments this week already!

My favorite!

Oh, hey there, cutie!

4.  Once upon a long time ago, I used to do girls night weekly with my besties... somewhere over time life got the best of me and we do not do this hardly ever any more.. but this Thursday, Jenna & I had tapas and a beverage. I forgot how much I missed these nights! Goal: Get back into the swing of things and start going weekly (or often as possible!) again.

5. This weekend is going to be fabulous...

Reason #1: We find out what the Cabreras are having on Friday at Supper Club! I have said it before, but I think its a boy! I cant wait to know!!!

Chris is rockin the pink --- is it a girl?!
Reason #2: 2012 Beer Olympics.... woooooo

2009 Beer Olympics

2010 Beer Olympics

Love is... (olympics appropriate, of course)



  1. that picture of you and your friend matching is so cute - love both your outfits! and yeah for a girls night!

  2. Glad you made it to one one the games :) Yes you are a great wife!

    So excited for #5! See you tonight!


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