Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five for Friday! 8.17.11

Hello Friday!

Every Friday makes my heart happy; however this Friday makes my heart melt. I am officially off work until August 30th.. thats 14 days of no work people. HOLY MOLY.... I dont even know what I will do with myself!

Now let me move on to this week's top 5 (Linking up with Lauren)

1. It is officially football season! Even though I wasnt able to watch the Cowboys game this week, you better believe that I was waiting for my Sportscenter updates on my phone! Looking forward to lazy football Sundays, my cowboys gear and at least going to one game this season... && most importantly, seeing my boyfriends (Miles, DWare & Witten -- Yummm!)

2. Its always fun to randomly run into your own wedding pinned on Pinterst..

3. We ran a super successful program this week for 2300+ people... I am so proud of my team!

4. I came home to a sweet husband (hes always in my top 5)

5. All day Thursday as I ran to a final meeting and ran errands, I drove with the radio on silence... it was a beautiful thing. After a week of 2300+ people and 33 precious staff.. the silence was appreciated. Should I say, a little decompressing time? Loved every second of it.

Looking forward to the weekend and my next 14 days... Have a great weekend yall!



  1. Two weeks off?! That sounds wonderful! And that wedding picture is gorgeous! Love yellow!! And it's yours?! That's even better!

    Nice to meet you from #H54F. Have a great vacay!


  2. I love that your wedding is on Pinterest!!!

  3. miss ashley... what do you do? you are ALWAYS traveling!! Miss your face!

    1. Hi Miss Amanda! I am an event and meeting planner :) Keeps me on my toes! Love keeping up with your sweet family on your blog! Miss you!!


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