Friday, February 1, 2013

High Five for Viernes! (2.1.2013)

Feliz Viernes from Espana!

Linking up with Lauren, per usual!
1. Last weekend Layla met her new cousin, Jackson, which means my college bestie was also in town. We hadn't seen each other in a year (out of control long!) 
The pups got along great while the mommas had a few drinks and gossip and lots of relaxing! It was great!

We also tried out Liberty Burger after hearing how great it was from multiple people & it totally lived up to my expectations!

2. Sunday morning Kate & Jax hit the road to Houston to visit her momma and I got some QT time with Boog walking the neighborhood (her favorite activity & one of mine too)

3. Sunday evening I was on a jetplane over to Madrid for the week, where I got to see a few things...

Eat some yummy food, and of course, the BEST part of Europe.. some Coca-Light!

4. The hotel I am staying in is super modern (I LOVE IT!) But the one night I pressed this button and the latter happened. Then I laughed out loud :)

5. While away I was able to try out J's Christmas prezzie - the Slingbox... and I must say it might be one of my favorite things ever.. jetlag? tap into the TV at home and watch whatever your heart desires, including DVR's shows! ((The clouds just parted and the sun shined down AHHHHHHH))

Friends was my choice of the hour at 4:00

I'm currently on my way home && then off to a super surprise tomorrow - have a great weekend yall!

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  1. Madrid! How awesome! Sounds like an amazing week. Love the Coca-Cola Light lol. Have a safe trip home and can't wait to know what the big super surprise is! Have a good weekend. :)


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