Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

Oh Valentine's Day... you are so not my favorite. I dont know about you ladies out there, but I much prefer flowers to be sent on a random day, rather than an expected day. Or a fun date night to be his idea, not a date night demanded by society.
BUT we all know, that I love to decorate and this was a great excuse to do so! I do hate how my camera doesnt do the room justice..

Who doesnt love some ombre ♥ ??

Clockwise: 2 of my favorite photos in 1 pic - close: engageent, far: Broken Bow photoshoot, Our first Valentines Day I got J this bottle of champagne & we finally broke into it, Layla & her Valentine, George, and roses.
Since both J&I could do without Valentines Day, we opted for a yummo dinner in: Shrimp Cocktail, Stuffed Artichoke, Filet, Lobster, Asparagus & Garlic Mashed potatoes.... probably doesnt get any better than that!

Perfect night, right? I would agree.. and I could stop the post here, but that wouldnt be sharing our reality, where nothing ever goes perfectly!
J was outside turning on the grill and taking out the trash. I was in the kitchen and out of the corner of my eye I saw a billowing fire from one of my cute votives... Say Whaaaa?!
I ran to the back yelling for J, didnt see him, ran back to the dining room and looked - still billowing... ran and got a cute yellow measuring cup of water (how or why I took the time to get a cute one, no clue) threw it on the flames and it ignited even higher. I ran, yall. I ran. Screaming "JARRETT THERES A FIRE!!!!!!!!!"
Isnt water supposed to put out flames??? Should I smother it?? With what? Do I need to call our firefighter friend? Do I have time for that? Where the hell is my husband??
Do you know how many flamable items are on that table????! The "LOVE" letters alone are not only, cardboard and yarn, but then SPRAY PAINTED IN GLITTER... Holy flamable. As J ran in and I was ready to re-face the fact that I might be burning down our house on Valentines Day.. the flames were out. Thank.the.Lord.
If that doesnt scream romance to you, I dont know what does. Our night was just too hot to handle.
I hope your Valentines Day was as memorable as ours!

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  1. Ok... drooling over your Valentine's Day decor! The ombre heart garland is adorable and love the touches of you and your hubby you added everywhere. Looks like Layla loved her gift too :)


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