Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five for Friday (2.22.13)

Week's like this always make me laugh - I've been "working for the weekend" only to realize this morning, that YAY! Its Friday... oh, wait... I am booked on a 7:15 am flight to Chicago for work! No weekend for me! BUT I will say I am excited to get back on the road.. its been a while.
Linking up with Lauren to celebrate my week!
1. As you saw in my weekend wrap up.. I fed a giraffe this week... how could that not be one of the highs?!

2. When visiting Chicago earlier this month, my grandfather had a beautiful orchid. I guess my hubby got inspired to try out his green thumb. I love it!
3. I ran across this on FB the other day and it pretty much sums up Me and Layla on a nightly basis (I, of course, am Max...)
BUT, this week J has had the privelage of having Boog on his side of the bed... and I have been experiencing some amazing sleep with all of my new found space!
4. I made a super yummy new quinoa recipe - Baked Chicken Parmesan Quinoa. It will definitely be made again in our casa!
5. I found this mirror yesterday for our bedroom... I cannot wait til J gets it hung and I finish up a few things to debut our revamped room :)
I sure do hope yall have a great weekend... and while you're out enjoying the sun, sleeping in or whatever else you do this weekend... drink one for me while I am workin away!
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  1. Ashley,
    that photo of you feeding the giraffe is really neat.
    I love the orchid and your new pretty mirror!
    have a great weekend!
    new follower,

  2. Loving the new mirror! Can't wait to see the revamped room. Even though it is for work, try and have a great weekend in Chicago.. enjoy an Al's Italian Beef sandwich I was craving earlier this week for me! Haha ;)


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