Sunday, December 8, 2013

16 Days

On November 24th J&I had plans to watch the Cowboys game with the Massey's at my parents. We decided to meet another friend, Branden, up at Frankies for a few bevies and to watch some of the earlier games. Little did I know what was in store for me. Lets just say, I am thankful that I showered :)
It was freezing out in Dallas so the minute we got to my parents I ran to the door... singing "brrr, brrr, brrr... Brrs the word", was locked out and banged on the door... Then this happened


As you can see - I was extremely surprised aaaaaand I do not like being center of attention.

30 days before my 30th birthday.

My Parents and J had been working on this for months while I have been gone. They did such an amazing job!

Thank you to everyone for coming out to celebrate & a HUGE thank you to the parents and my sweet hubs for putting it all together!

I am not sure if you can tell, but there were buckets everywhere with my 30 before 30 list. & if you read this blog, you are aware that A - I haven't been blogging (for multiple reasons) and B - I haven't updated my 30 before 30 list since July And well.. I havent done much since then.

So now I am challenging myself & my family/friends to help me finish this list within the next 16 days. think I can do it? Hahaha - it wont be done perfectly, but I do think we can knock it out, well once Icepocolypse 2013 has left Dallas.

Any volunteers/ideas to get this done?? I'm ready!

Here is where I stand:

1. Go Ice Skating Wishing I had my ice skates still.. I would be accomplishing this up and down out street

2. Roll my own sushi This officially grosses me out ever since I got so sick from mussels this fall... so maybe I will get creative here.

3. Create a cookbook of favorite recipes I'm going to say that I more than likely wont accomplish this one, but we will see.

5. Successfully bake at least 1 dessert I baked my momma's banana cake - yum!


6. Complete a 5k ummmmmmmmmmmm?!

7. Do a grape stomp I'm glad there is no clarification here.

8. Send at least 12 hand-written notes/cards/random gifts
- (2) April
- (2) July
- (4) September
- (5) October
9. Have 4 day/night dates with my momma
- Had a date day with Nana & My Mom for Nana's birthday. (April)
What a complete fail. But lets see what I can squeeze in
10. Volunteer at least twice

13. Read at least 12 books this year
-1. Bridesmaid Lotto
-2. Gamble on Engagement
-3. The Wedding Wager
-4. Savannah Blues
-5. Spring Fever
-6. Touch & Go
-7. Dark Places
-8. Ladies Night
-9. Revenge Wears Prada
-10. Wedding Night 
-11. The Perfect Husband
Just downloaded my last book!

14. Have a picnic

16. Buy bikes and ride often Well, we got bikes, but aren't really nailing the "riding often" part... working on it!

17. Go rock climbing

18. Bowl over 150

20. Go to a movie alone

21. Go camping

22. Make homemade pasta

23. Do 5 kind things for strangers
- April (1)
- June (1)
- September (1)
24. Write our will Wont happen

25. Ride a train

26. Girls only vacation/trip

27. Learn sign language

28. See a meteor shower
29. See 3 movies in a theatre with my hubby
-1 - The Croods
-2 - Monsters University & Now you See Me

30. Try a new fruit or vegetable
- Okra
- I one upped this... and tried something super new. Soft Shell Crab - not on the yummy list that's for sure!

BONUS: Indoor Skydiving

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