Friday, June 3, 2016

Besties V

Now that G is on the move big time, Layla doesn't quite get to choose when they interact anymore. Their playing together has truly turned into playing. G will get her toy hold it and "throw" it for her and she will scoop it up and bound off a few steps, stop, turn around and squeak it for him until he starts to chase her. The sweetest yall.

And sweet Layla girl is so patient. Sometimes I wonder if the sugars he's giving her are bites, but we would never know because she doesn't move a muscle and just lets him continue to climb over her like a jungle gym.

Her name is one of the very few words that are clear. She makes him giggle like no one else can. Some nights are full of delirious laughs well past bedtime.

He loves this dog, yall.

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