Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Weekend Things

Here is yet again a photo dump of our weekend..

Thursday we had a family photoshoot with the super talented Stephanie Rose. My brother likes to make fun of me for how many sessions we do, but its so hard to not want to document all of these fun stages with G. We didn't start until 6:45 aka bedtime for G at the Dunaway Casa, but G was a champ. I cannot wait to see what she captured!

Friday Supper Club decided to take it out to the ballpark and see the minor league team play. it was HOT, but we strategically chose our seats in the shade. Smart Cookies. It was such a great time - we cant wait to go back!

Saturday I acted as day of wedding planner for one of my good friend's sister's wedding. It was one for the books! So beautiful, CRAZY FUN & filled with surprises. Big congrats to the New Mr & Mrs Anderson!

Sunday was J's First Fathers Day and it was full of no plans and lots of laziness. Everything Jarrett dreams of. haha!

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