Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Grayson Daniel: 11 Months

Estimated Measurements:
Height: 31 inches
Weight: 25.5 pounds

eat still loves food. duh. His palate is expanding, and the pickiness he displayed last month has gone away. I hope that it stays that way. There are things I have given him that he hasn't been so fond of but overall I would say that he likes most things and is willing to try anything we give him. It will sometimes tae 2-3 bites before he has decided on if he will continue to eat it or not. I have taken down his milk intake since he is dropping and sharing with Layla less than he used to, and bottles were not being finished. More to come on all that on my "Lets Eat" post tomorrow.

sleep No real update on the sleeping front this month. Still sleeping perfectly 6:45 pm - 6:30/7 every day and about an hour and a half nap daily at school.

play On.The.Move. Like a madman. He crawls at super speeds, and a lot of the time he bear crawls everywhere. So funny. Most of the same favorites - j's guitar, his little guitar, blocks, jeep/dump truck, reading, bathtime, walks, etc. He loves the water table, pulling up on things and starting to cruise around. He loves to play "phone" with anything and everything. He has even started to chat while he is playing. (where do they learn this stuff?!) He's pointing at everything and we are identifying the objects for him. Fans/Lights on the ceiling have sparked his interest all over again. Really anything hanging form the ceiling. Every day when we leave school I let him touch the tissue puffs hanging from the ceiling in the hallway. Shhh don't tell anyone. Of all the toys he has, he currently loves to play in his bowl/cup/utensil cabinet or play with an empty brown paper bag. 9 times out of 10 he has a plastic fork or spoon in his hand while crawling around. Opening/shutting doors is also a current favorite while also playing with the springy doorstops wherever he can find one.

  • His nickname at school is Mr President since he waves and smiles to everyone. They say he even responds when they call him that
  • He has started to throw fits and have a little temper. Diaper changes/Clothing changes are the worst. But he seems to really only do it to J&I. He's much better with my mom or the other day Amber put him  in his swimsuit with no problem
  • Loves to dance
  • Any time he hears clapping he does as well. Which means on the weekend his golf clap has been perfected. He will be ready for a trip to the Masters in no time
  • I am sure every thinks their baby is smart, but I have a smarter cookie than you ::Insert laughing/cry emoji here::
  • "Helps" to brush his teeth and hair
  • Mimicking everything you do and sounds you make
  • He's been sucking his lips - he has at least 3 teeth that are making their way in. Currently we have 8
  • High Fives, Blowing Sugars, Giving Real Sugars, Waving hello/good bye are all on repeat.
  • Loves to play "Where's Grayson" aka peek-a-boo or "How Big is Grayson?" and he reaches to the sky. Its so sweet.
  • We are in between size 3 and 4 diapers. Size 3 still fit snuggly, and we are using them at home until we run out, but at school he is wearing size four.
  • Obeys commands - "Give Mama your Paci" Understands the concept of "No" but still working on "Come Here"
  • So much chitter chatter. I cant wait to it fully makes sense. Right now we are consistent with Mama, Dada, Layla, Ball, Ba Ba and Dog. Although ball and dog are intermixed for a lot of objects.
  • 95% he is still sweet, sensitive little babe. But we are definitely starting to see fits, tears as he gets a mind of his own.

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