Thursday, June 2, 2016


We spent our weekend in Oklahoma with my brother and his wife. They moved into the burbs just weeks before their wedding and the house they are renting for now is amaze. Inspires me to want to move even more. I cannot wait to redecorate/update our style. Funny how tastes change so quickly... I digress.

G was a champ on the way there and a perfect angel (slept the WHOLE way) home. Must have been that big breakfast his Uncle Poopy made him :)

We arrived Saturday morning, hit up a cute area downtown for lunch, then went to the zoo. I will say that the Oklahoma Zoo was one of the best zoos I have been to. Yes, this sentence surprises me as well. The animals were so close, out and about & the grounds were very pretty and shaded. We missed feeding the giraffes, but other than that no disappointments! Zak is a great cook and made dinner for us with his sous chef. Sweet Chara has patience like you wouldn't believe.

Sunday we went to brunch then over to the botanical gardens. Such pretty green space in the middle of the city. The plan was for G to enjoy the splash pad, but as a first timer, he wasn't so sure about all that, so we went back to Zak and Chara's and G enjoyed the plastic pool out back. More his pace I guess. Although, I am so surprised he didn't  love the splash pad since he is such a nut in the tub. Splashing away & when the faucet is running sticks his face in it and laughs his booty off. Maybe next time? Auntie Chara put on her PT hat and was showing G how to cruise and walk around. He loved it. We will see how long it takes to get this guy on his feet and moving.

Love spending time with those two. Selfishly wish they lived in Dallas so we could see them much more often... maybe some day!

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