Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The BALD & the beautiful....

My husband had a revelation.. I love bald men...

When he gave me the following list, it came to me as a shock, but after it sank in, it could be true...

I have loved Adrian Peterson since his OU days... hair sometimes, but mostly shaved...

Demarcus.... ooooh Cowboys - you may give me heart attacks, but Demarcus you are always on top of your game!

MJ - YUM. Since I was 12 this man has been on the top of my list and just this year I saw him in person TWICE in Vegas.... hellllloooooo destiny!

But even more than anyone that I will swoon about, its this guy... Hello every Wednesday night!!

But at the end of the day, and even though he's BALD, I love this man most! And I love him even more considering that he knew that all of my man crushes are bald. Hes a man who understands me. And I love him for that!

As J says "I'm sexy and you know it"


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