Monday, October 10, 2011


Make fun of me if you would like... I am way behind in this trend.. But this week I may or may not have found a bit of time on my hands and signed up and looked around... If you are following me, I formally apologize, I am not pinning anything at this time, I am just looking...

I found things that were useful, that I will use, and things that were, well... funny! So here we go:

Something about this scream JoJo - but I also feel like I will use this for some shower/party or whatnot. You can get the whole to do HERE.

I can do this... yes I completely understand that you all are aware of my baking misfortunes.. BUT I can make my mom's rum cake or banana cake, so clearly I can Make this cutie fall dessert... I'll prove it, you'll see!

I truly wish that I had seen this prior to our wedding... its hysterical!

When you come over post Thanksgiving, you will be seeing these in my home, all over... even if that means I am choosing wines over the next month based on their shape... I'll do it in the name of decorating!

I'm already dreaming of what my house will be smelling like when I make these:

I am someone who is constantly cold.. and well I think this would suit my fancy:

I cannot cook a dessert, in which we have already discussed... however, if i were to bake a dessert, this maaaay be the ultimate

Should we be taking this to any tailgate parties we go to? I think so!

I will keep dabbling and see what other things I can find... what have you found in Pinterest?????


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