Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday:
Flight Status Edition

So my last few Thankful Thursday editions have been heartfelt, or last week was about nature... well this week, as I begin my 3 weeks of travel, I want to be a bit more on the bratty side (oh come on, we all knew a bratty post was coming sooner or later!) and express my gratitude for my flight status.

Priority Access - music to my ears. I looooove being able to cut in front of people at the airport, to know I get to get in the shorter line, to know that I get to board before everyone else so I will never not have over head space (remember, I said I was going to be bratty).. And I also love being able to let people I am traveling with benefit from this too, even if they dont have status (thats sharing, so its negates some of the brattiness!)

A super unfortunate point to my status is that I have only achieved Gold this year... womp womp... I thought I was going to make Platinum by the skin of my pants, but my dad crushed my dreams informing me that my extra points I accumulate traveling as a Gold Member do not go towards qualifying for Platinum... Maybe next year kiddos, maybe next year....

So this Thursday, I am thankful to be able to accumulate points for trips for J&I, for skipping lines, getting upgrades, and boarding first... what are you thankful for??


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