Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday:
Rain Edition
So everyone knows that Texas has been in a drought this summer, we over achieved on our consistent heat-crazy days by breaking the most triple digit days in one summer... 70! geeeeeez! We came so close to breaking the most triple digit days in a row with 40 and the record being 42... sadly I think most people were disappointed in not breaking the record.. I mean, if we are suffering for 40 days, we may as well go an extra 3 and put it in the record books, right?

Then our poor state was plagued with wild fires.. devastating.

Well this past weekend was a great reminder that nature will equal itself out. We got lots of rain, which we hadnt seen in quite some time... and what better time than the weekend to get some rain?? I know I certainly cant complain about a lazy day cuddlin on the couch with my itsy bits fam and maybe sneaking a few cat naps here and there...

The only bummer about the rain, was the delays for the Rangers game and the postponing of game 2... buuuuut, I'll take the rain... Chris Cabrera, my favorite blog reader, do you agree??? ;)

Ever since I was young, I loooove watching a storm roll in. Some of my early memories are of watching the clouds come in with my dad or making a picnic in the back of his el camino (thats right, Scotty Potty was a proud owner of an el camino) in the garage as it poured down rain... My favorite soccer games were in the rain... the muddier a slide tackle could be the better! Even now you'll catch me and Scott still loving the breeze of a storm as the clouds roll in.

So today, I am thankful for the rain and I'm hoping for all the rainy days we can get! What are you thankful for??

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I'm a huge fan! Happy bloggin'.


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