Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Christmas Mantel

My favorite season has arrived! Yaaaaay! Well, we can skip the 24th this year, but other than the minor detail that I am officially almost 30, I am so excited about Christmas!

The day after Friendsgiving, I made J drag down all of the Christmas decor, and rush to finish our DIY projects we had started (that will be a later post). We are close to finished inside, so as soon as we finish up some loose ends I will share the rest of the house with you... the outside isnt finished, and by isnt finished, I mean hasnt been started. Maybe next weekend!

Why in the world is this part of the house so dang hard for me to photograph?! Frustrating! Here we go...

In Daylight:

& in the evening with  the lighting...

More Christmas Decor and DIY posts coming soon!


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