Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Addition to My Collection

My collection of Athlete Boyfriends, that is!

I was innocently sitting here, pinning away, watching the news, waiting for the stuffing I'm making for J's work potluck to be done (Did I mention I'm an amazing multi-tasker??), when the sports portion of the news came on. Of course,  this catches my attention every day, but even more attention grabbing you ask? THIS guy!

Hollllllyyyy Mollleeyyyyy!

Ok so maybe his locker room interview didn't look like that, but more like this:

Not really like that either, but you get the point... How had he not made the list before? Goodness, just flying under the radar... But no longer!

And even better? He's a family man, fab  COWBOYS athlete, and has a charity Foundation 56, which is a breast cancer outreach program dedicated to providing access to quality services and resources for breast cancer patients and survivors (a tribute to his momma).

My, one & only, real hubs came home, and I told him about my new BF... his response - "He's good! & Bald!" Remember THIS? I truly had no idea I loved bald men so much! :)

Ok, that's my rant for the night - Go Cowboys!

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