Friday, June 15, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Thank the lord for the weekend!

Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to share the goodies of the week!

1. Birchbox came this week!! Love when it appears in the mail!

What was included this month? A bronzer, facial moisturizer, a brightening mask, a lip stain... all useful! And the glam bandaids that were a bonus, & will obviously be used by this clumsy girl!

2. I picked up my bridesmaid dress for Miss Jenna B's wedding!! Its so cute! I would post a pic, but I am not sure she wants everyone to see.. But this big step means that its getting closer!!!

3. Addison Food Truck Park.. we have been saying we would go to this for the past 3 weeks... and FINALLY we made it out there. So fun - food trucks and a band... ((Negative - your hair smells like outside.. but I guess I will live.))

We want to do it again soon... whos coming with???

4. Our youngest Supper Club Member, Baby Landon, is a baby no longer. He turns 1 today! We cant wait to celebrate with you sweet Landon!

5. **DOUBLE DOUBLE - TRIPLE - HIGH HIGH FIVE** Remember I talked about secrets earlier this week?? Well, I can officially say OUT LOUD that some of our besties - The Massey's AND The Cabreras are pregnant!!!

Our Supper Club is growing by 6 feet!!! Yes, you read that right, 6! The Masseys are pregnant with twins!!!!! I am willing them to have at least one girl, but we wont know for a bit... cant you see it?? Ruffles, Bows & Sparkly things - yayaya! We are so excited for both the Massey's & Cabreras - they are going to be amazing parents with some super sweet kiddos! & maybe these babies will cure my baby fever! :)

I dont have any obnoxious pics of Diana, but of course Amber & I are ridiculous. ALWAYS. She's already rockin her maternity capris!

Love is...



  1. YAAAAY Babies!!! Finally I can breath about it :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  2. I got the exact same things in my June Birchbox!! Haha! The Masqueology Brightening Mask is awesome!!


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