Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Ramblings

Happy Wednesday!

I have had some really random thoughts lately... I thought I would share

1. I absolutely l.o.v.e. when Layla wipes her mouth on J's pillows after she eats. He gets so angry. She does it almost every night. And I laugh. BAHAHAH - its good for my soul.

2. While meal planning, it really, super duper annoys me when a magazine, cookbook, or online recipe doesnt have a picture. I mean, you eat with your eyes first! How do I know if I want to make your suggested meal, if I cant see it? UGH, so annoying. So if you're planning on writing a cookbook any time soon - take pics!

3. In our house we operate as though its still March/April

So you can see, my attempts at organization are failing... maybe I'll get back on my game this summer.

4. Speaking of organization... do yall organize things as soon as you recognize there is disorder? I dont. I recognize the problem. Then the next time I realize it, I think Maybe I need to do something about that. It has to be a special day for me to actually move forward with the organization. So, for the sake of my closest, pantry, foodie magazine cabinet and pot/pan cabinet, I hope that special day comes soon.

5. Our local grocery store is making improvements to the inside of the store. Thats great and all, but its really messing up my weekly shopping. I go to the grocery store weekly... and every week its different, but I will say this week's changes made me want to scream and rip my hair out leave. I made it through the shopping but - geeeeez peeps. My OCD list making skills are useless when what I think is the order of the store, is no longer.... Aesthetics, smashthetics... I just need to find the things on my list!

6. My favorite day to come home from work is every other Monday. Every other Monday my house smells amazing and its spotless. The minute I walk in, literally I say out loud - I love our ladies! (ladies = maids) This Monday wasnt that Monday. So looking forward to next week.

7. I have never been down with the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Never would be a lie. I am pretty sure my freshman year in college I was one of thousands of girls screaming for Mr. Firestone.. wow... 2003.. so long ago!

Anyways.. I digress.. this year the Bachelorette has a friend of a friend on it - removed enough for ya? But it spikes my interest! So I am pulling for Sean - whos your fav???

8. I used to park in the same area at work all the time. Our little arm guy is broken, so now everyone and their mom parks in the garage so I dont get the luxury of doing so any more. I tend to be rolling up to the office with barely a minute before 9... so my mind is all over the place, not so focused on where I am parking. I have found myself wandering in the parking lot after work, wondering where in the hell did I park?! Here's the saddest part of this confession... our parking garage is 1 level and cant hold more than 100 cars... if that.

9. I'm tired of keeping secrets.

Thats all I've got for you kids today... until next time!


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