Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Get Away

The Summer Get Away Weekend finally came, then sadly went... How do 4 days go by so quickly??? Its a sad thought, but we had such an amazing weekend.

Friday afternoon we headed our to Cedar Creek Lake with some of our besties and some new couples (&kiddos).. I did terrible and took zero pics with my real camera. The only pics I took were on my phone and up to instagram.. so I will share those as well as Jacqueline's fabulous photos.

J&I were the first people that arrived to the so called "cabin"... in reality it was the most amazing house ever that I would die to live in on a normal basis... or vacation in as many times possible in life.. Literally the first words out of my mouth & the first text sent to Amber:

"I never want to leave"

& the same feeling was true on Monday.... But let me fill you in on the in between.....

Friday the Supper Club peeps were the first to arrive, which meant we FINALLY got to find out the sex of the Massey twinsies..

J&I brought balloons to try to break Amber & Jordan before the cuppycake reveal... it didnt work, but at least we got to pick what we thought they were having..

Clearly J was wanting the Double Boys...

Here are our predictions...

& then it was cuppycake time... Baby A....

Baby B.....

We have a double dose of girlies on our hands!!!! Bows, Ruffles, & Sparkly things... oh yes! & Landon Baby has 2 girls to choose from! ;)

Beautiful view...

This house is amazing from the kitchen to the living room to the rest of the seven bedrooms... NBD

Baby Chef

My main squeeze trying out his fishing skills..

Jam Session!!!!

When did he go from baby to boy????????????? He now walks like none other & plays with cars while crawling... oh my... these 3 babies that are in bellies will be walking in no time... GEEZ!!!

Here we go!!!

 Lake Surfing..

I cant get enough of this boy....

Bags & Ladder Ball....

Kiddos at play

Group Shot! So fun!!

This kitchen was made for cooking for our group.... even my hubby got in on the action ((he must have been hungry!))

Chickies ---- Where are Mary & Jenn?!

First to catch... Scotty (DAD) should be proud! I still got it!

Fishy Kisses!

This kiddo.... we set you up buddy, but its adorable!

Do we have to leave??????????

Until next time....

I often talk about our supper club friends.. but I dont think everyone realizes how amazing this group is. As time passes I realize more and more how amazing these people are... Our relationships are easy. Sunday night it ended up being just our Supper Club people... the house was quiet and it was funny how comfortable we all were with silence... yet 1 minute later we were hysterically laughing. J&I are so blessed with such amazing couples to surround ourselves with. They are great mentors to marriage.. to parenthood, and well, I wouldnt trade them for anything.

I cant wait for our next trip - and I cant wait for our kiddos (for the Dunaways **someday** kiddos) to grow up together!

Can we go back.... pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeee??????


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  1. You so special to these Massey's, and baby girls in my belly, too! Love you more than you know, Miss Ashley.


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