Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Randommmmm Thoughts

I have realized lately that I have way more random thoughts than I would have ever imagined.

Whats been on my mind over the last week??? ... that I am willing to share anyway ;)....

1. Remember when I complained about my grocery store going topsy turvey on me? Well, I retract my annoyed-ness (yes I just made that word up - dont hate) I walked in a week later and almost wet my pants I was so excited. There is a full on cheese and antipasto bar. I know that this is completely normal in most grocery stores, but ours was a little on the ghetto side previously and so these improvements are really striking my fancy.

2. Alley Courtesy... Our house is the first time I have ever lived with an alley for our drive ways.. Luckily we live on the corner house so I am not going through the alley all that much - HOWEVER, there is a shirt cut to the grocery store that I often sometimes take, and I tend to bump into other cars on my way through. Who stops? Who reverses? Do you pull into a random persons driveway? What if its that cars drive way???? I mean.. its complicated. I tend to stick with the idea "whoever is most stubborn wins"?? But I am sure the other cars are constantly cussing at me.... Are there rules???

3. In the past year I have been in hotels that have been filming for movies/TV series, but hadnt heard anything about either project. Until last week... all over the TV!!!

Savages was being filmed while I was in Terrenea for 17 days last summer

& Political Animals was being filmed just a few months agon when I was in Philly

Kinda neat!!

4. Cottage Cheese scares me. I see it all over the place saying its good for you. I have never had it and I am not sure I intend on eating it either. Ew!

5. I am slowly learning patience. In particular when I travel (airport/airplane). I tend to be more patient if I am alone. Only because I have no one to vent to.. unless you are one the the lucky people that I text my frustrations to - and for those texts, YOU.ARE.WELCOME! I mean just Monday I added at least 5 items to my growing list - yes this growing list will become a post someday... you'll enjoy. I guarantee. Unless you are one of the types of people I am talking about, it might frustrate you, but it will educate you to be a better passenger. I guarantee it.

6. My Bachelor Update - I am obviously still rooting for Sean... but I somehow stumbled on this blog and will definately be following.. I am laughing. out.loud. Her sarcasm is amazing!

Thats my short list for the week - hope yall are having a great one!


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