Friday, June 29, 2012

High Five!

Literally, every time I start this post, I am singing "Its Friday, Friday, Friday, ooooooo" & I know that I am not the only one.. Miss Amber is guilty, I know it.

Always thankful for the weekend, we are linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to celebrate the big to little goodness from the week!

1. I was missing this sweet face over the weekend. We dropped Layla off on Thursday to my parents, but we didn't leave for the lake until the afternoon on Friday.. we slept at home without her and I spent the morning home without her.... it was so sad! Once we got to the lake its easier, but being home and her not being there, is sad!! So glad she's back - hogging my side of the bed and all.

2. We made Spahetti Squash with my yummo meat sauce! & J loved it! Huge shocker!

3. I never crave Mexican food - ever. Italian is my thing.. pizza or pasta daily? Every meal of the day? YES PLEASE! Buuuut my oh so lucky husband got a treat this week... I sent him a text in the morning seeing if he wanted to grab Mexican for dinner instead of cooking.. for once I was craving ((My husband has the same above habit as me, if you exchange the Italian to Mexican)) J jumped on the opportunity - && if I am having Mexican I am surely having dessert

Holy Sopapilla!

4. I love pedis! & This color!

5. I have been having separation anxiety from my Supper Club peeps, but tonight we will be reunited for our June meal!

Love these besties

Happy Weekend!!


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