Friday, June 1, 2012

High Five for Friday/Love is..

Its Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!

I wont make you wait any longer... This week's High Five:

1. I got to see this girl TWICE this weekend.. this is quite a miracle for us lately & I am loving seeing her often!

2. We are continuing progress in the backyard!

3. Tuesday night we had all of the Dunaways over for a BBQ - no photos, but it was really fun to have all 6 of us for dins... we need to do it much much more!

4. I got a massage, Mani/Pedi, & my hair cut... pampered much??? I could get used to this!

Good bye long hair, hello long bob!!

5. We are in Cali celebrating my cousin, Arthur & his bride, Jennifer!

Happy Wedding Day Arthur & Jenn!


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