Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busy Busy June!

June has been crazy busy - but really great busy! No complaints, thats for sure!

Before I jump into this past weekend, I completely forgot to share on my High Five post last week, so I neeeeed to share now!!!

We all know J's hatred dislike for vegetables.. Its been quite some time since I have pulled my hide veggies in his food stunts, but only because he has become so much more BRAVE and willingly will try new things.

Just last week, he ate: Asparagus, Brusselsprouts, Collard Greens and although not a vegetable, he tried quinoa as well!

I am such a proud wifey!

Ok - now that I have gotten that off my mind - lets jump into the weekend.

We kicked Thursday off by going to the Food Truck Park in Addison. It was great - live band, 8 - 10 trucks, BYOB, and my hubby... I think we will be doing this much more often - you should come with!

Friday J&I decided on a lazy date night in... Here's a secret - these types of nights are my favorite. & to make it even better it consisted of a lot of my favorite things.. Cartoon Movies (Madagascar & Madagascar 2), Kettle Korn Popcorn and Pretzel M&Ms, Mini Tortilla Pizzas & my man! ((pardon my no makeup face!))

Saturday J went golfing with his brother & Dad for fathers day & I headed into my home town to run errands and meet my bestest for a drinky poo :) I will never pass up girl talk with that girl - ever.

Much later in the afternoon we headed over to the Tapellas to celebrate Landon Baby's 1st birthday! Jacqueline outdid herself. The minute we walked up to their house there was the cutest sign for "Landon's Street" ((The party theme was Elmo)) & the details just kept on coming - be sure to stalk the Massey's blog... she has all the good pictures!

I took J with me to pick up Landon's gift - a new Aggie Tee and then we went into Toys R Us to find something fun. What a horrible decision. Jarrett is probably worse than bringing a group of 5 year olds. Every toy, down every aisle was making noise, until he finally chose an Elmo Guitar... Jacqueline is already threatening to bring all the noisy toys to the lake house this weekend.... oooh the payback begins ;)

After the party we went to dinner with the Cabreras and Masseys.. Can i hang out with these 3 couples every weekend? Oh, we kinda do? Yeah... We kinda like them, I guess!

We stayed out at my parents - they did a day trip to Chicago for my cousins graduation party, so we were watching their puppy. They came home late - so in the morning we made my dad breakfast for Fathers Day - J made his specialty - WAFFLES! They were delish! & then we followed that up with a White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes... to.die.for.

We headed home - we were lazy bums when we got home & it was fabulous! Monday morning I was off to Boston for work... quick trip! I get home late tonight - woot woot!

Hope you guys had just an amazing weekend as we did! XoXo

PS - HAPPY HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my Baby Cousin - Aeryk! Party it up, buddy!


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  1. I love your weekend wrap ups! And yes, noisy toys will be packed in the car this weekend :) Jarrett and Landon can jam out together :)


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