Monday, June 4, 2012

Mr & Mrs Arthur Heeg III

It's official! We now have a 3rd Mrs. Art Heeg! Welcome to the family Jenn!!!

We headed out to Cali early Thursday morning.. and after some delays (weather & mechanical) we safely arrived in Orange County. Once we retrieved our bags, we were off to get the rental car. If you know my dad at all you know that the long line was not welcomed.. but luckily for him I never clean my purse out, so I found this guy to be a source of entertainment for old Scotty Potty..

Once we had the car, we went over to Huntington Beach to soak in some sun and have lunch - we couldnt believe how many people were on the beach for a Thursday mid-afternoon!

The weather out there is just to.die.for. J&I are going back this year... and if he says no, than I am going back this year!

Once we had lunch, we hopped back in the car and headed out to where we would be staying - Ponoma, California.

Thursday night we got dolled up and headed to Bucca di Beppo for the rehearsal dinner.

I absolutely adore her!
We had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, & my Uncle Arty gave a really sweet speech that we were making bets on if he would cry or not... he didnt, but it was close.. When Amber gets married there will be water works, guaranteed!

We got back to the hotel, and Old Man J went up to bed... Since that cute little girl next to me in the pic above just LOVES to tease me about being old, I was going to make it longer into the night for sure! We all hung out in Arthur's room, with a bathtub full of beer and lots of loud people. It was so great to hang out late night with the family & catch up! I even made it longer than Amber... so proud of myself!

All that was left by the end of the night

Late night pic of the cousins on the Heeg side

Friday during the day we all got our make up done and drank champagne.. I took no pictures, which I am so sad about! Then it was ceremony time!

The Kiss!

Reception.. (I did a terrible job on the picture taking this weekend..)

Once the reception was over, it was party time back in the hotel bar

After being up for nearly 24 hours the day before ((& Uncle Erik killing me with a Vegas Bomb)) I could only make it until 1 o'clock; however J kept up with the fam until about 3... & we got to enjoy this scene the next morning on the way to the airport

No, this is not a joke
Poor guy!

It was such a short trip, but it was so much fun! I really do want to get back out there before the year is over to just have some time with the fam and do some sight seeing.

Congratulations Arthur & Jenn! Enjoy your Happily Ever After!


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  1. I am ROLLING on the floor in hysterics at the last picture of J. POOR GUY!! AND poor husband..taking pictures of him mid-up-chuck :(
    I would have stuffed that camera down Jordan's throat if he had attempted the snap a pic. :)
    Oh- and I LOVE your white pants.. PEEETTTYYY Girl!


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