Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This weekend was, well... a realization of age. But, we can get to that later..

Friday, I was invited to a Go Red! Luncheon for work. It was a really great event, we went to a session and saw Chef Chamberlain demo a Mojo Beef Kabob.. which was delish, so obviously its on the menu at the D-Way Casa this week. The actual luncheon was great, with guest speaker Jackie Joyner-Kersee. An awesome event, that left me thinking about getting healthy and making changes.

But dont let me fool you... those changes werent happening on Friday.. We had plans to see my main squeeze with the Masseys at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

We met the Massey's at their place and then went to Central Market to pick up dinner and some beverages.

Amber & I made our way all the way to the stage... my videographer skills show, that maybe someone had over a bottle of champagne... alone. I also had about 30 pics in my iPhone of the fireworks.. clearly I enjoyed.

So, needless to say I spent Saturday morning over the toilet. Great visual, huh? And I officially had to break up with champagne... its been such a great love in my life.. it was so hard to do.

I couldnt eat until way into the evening... & woke up Sunday, still hurting. But I had to man up We had plans to go to the Big Dunaways to celebrate Marianne & Justin's birthdays, and fathers day since the Dunaways will be all over the place next weekend... We headed over there in the afternoon.

Do you see that chair? Thats where my booty stayed almost all afternoon! ;)

We had a good time - and we need to do it much much more! & hopefully I will be feeling much, much better those next times.

So now you can see why I am even more down with this healthy business. Its Monday night, and I still dont feel normal. I stayed home from work today.. I mean, I cant possibly still be hungover from Friday, right? I havent even hit the Three-O yet... And I am sure you guys can guess it, I havent sipped one alchoholic beverage. I even made my Sneaky Sangria for everyone else's enjoyment at the Dunaways... definitely not for this girl.

I mustered up the strength to go to the grocery store today.. lots of veggies and fruits in the fridge and on the menu this week. Going to try to stay off the alchohol (although, I dont think I could even stomach it if I wanted to), drink lots of water, and attempt to cut out my Diet Coke obsession... I saw on Pinterest that it can clean your toilet well... hmmm.. probably really good for my insides right???

We shall see how it goes.. Have a great week yall!


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  1. GOOODDD times my sweet friend- although, the champs got the best of you :) LOVVVEEE LOve you!


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